Metal Detector, Vanquish 540 Pro, Minelab


No matter what you seek, VANQUISH has you covered.

Simply select one of the three Find Modes — Coin, Relic or All Metal — then start swinging.

Each mode is pre-programmed and optimised to give you the best performance, anytime and anywhere: park, field or beach.

VANQUISH welcomes tough terrain.

It dominates at the beach in wet sand and salt water, outperforming other detectors that can’t compete.

4 discrimination segments deliver control over what metals you want to accept or reject.

Automatic noise cancelling, lag-free audio response and 3-volume settings put you in control.

Highly versatile and waterproof, the VANQUISH 540 comes with Minelab’s V10 10”x7” Double-D coil also including the 8" Double-D Coil

Waterproof coils up to 1 m (3.3 ft) and Water Resistant control pod (with Rain Cover)

Comes with

1 x V12 coil and 1 x V8 coil,wireless headphones, a 4-way USB Battery charger, 4xAA rechargeable batteries, a rain cover and a getting started guide.