Babe Children's Night Light


The baby night light is a special light that is designed to be kept in a baby's or child's room.

It illuminates the room just enough to be able to move around, feed the baby, change a diaper, or any number of other things that you may need to do at night but you don't want to disturb the child by turning on a bright light.

Sleep Mode: Automatically turns off after 30 minutes when you turn on the sleep mode, never worry about waking up your child.
With USB charging, it allows you to charge it everywhere when it's out of power.

Built-in 500mAh Li-ion battery, provides high-quality light effect can last from 3 to 15 hours

Safe Material,  the cute night light cover is made of ABS and silicone, innocuous, soft and harmless to littlies.

Measures approx 10cm H and 9cm wide.