CAP:Blue Skies, mini tin, Hypercolour


On a spring day, there's nothing better than opening up the windows to fluffy white clouds against a bright blue sky

Get that feeling all season long with Blue Skies Thinking Putty. A lovely hue of blue, it changes to white as you play.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty provides a variety of sensory experiences:

It’s smooth to the touch, but can be twisted or molded to be bumpy or textured.

If you pull it slowly, it stretches, but if you pull it quickly, it snaps with a satisfying noise.

Certain colors of Thinking Putty are color-changing based on heat or light, providing visual stimulation as well.

Sugar-free and great for classroom parties, it’s a perfect treat for the Easter holidays.


  • Each tin includes 1/34 lb of Thinking Putty.
  • Blue to white hypercolor
  • Heat sensitive putty
  • Soft texture

Suitable for ages 3 & up