Pocket Sled Rainbow


Easy to fly, nothing to set up and small enough to fit in your pocket.

The Pocket Sled Rainbow Kite is great for those days when all you want to do is rush down to the park and fly.

Plus, with it's multicoloured design it will look gorgeous with the blue sky as its backdrop.

It hasn't got a rigid frame, so all you need to do to get it in the air is take it out of it's pack, and let the breeze carry it into the air.

It also come with a handy zipper pack that can clip to your keyring, making it super portable.

Width: 43 cm / 17", Height: 33 cm / 13".

Sail: Ripstop-Polyester.

Incl. Line: Polyester 8 kp / 18 lb., 20 m / 65 ft. on handle.

Wind (Bft.): 2–5 (6–38 km/h, 4–24 mph).

Suitable for ages 5 & up