Survival Science


  • Help your child to develop survival skills with this fun, ingenious kit
  • Contains all the equipment your child needs to become an expert explorer
  • Suitable for children aged eight years and above
  • Includes 30 pieces that create a complete survival kit to help you through the wilderness
  • Give your child the chance to learn about science during playtime

Learn, play, explore
Give your little adventurers the chance to learn the skills they need to survive in the wildest reaches of the planet with the 4M KidzLabs Survival Science Kit. Supplied with 30 separate pieces that fit together to create the kind of equipment that has kept explorers alive throughout history, this kit contains everything that your child needs to learn about how science can help them navigate nature. All the equipment in the kit utilizes scientific principles to turn the natural world into the tools humans need to survive. This provides your child with a great chance to learn about science during their playtime.