Smart Tease


Do you have the skills to solve this deliciously puzzling game?

There is no eating these Smart tease! just lots of brain power needed to solve the puzzle.  The brain teaser is harder than it looks.  Packaged like a tube of smarties, all you have to do is snap together 14 coloured strips creating a square, matching up all the top and bottom colours........so simple...right? 

Each strip contains 7 'smarties' and they snap together like a pair of poppers.  All you have to do is colour match the top and bottom strips across the entire square. Deceptively simple, it has all the maddening properties of a Rubik's Cube, and will keep you entertained for hours!

A great gift for puzzle fans, and the perfect stocking filler at Christmas!


  • Connect all 14 strips
  • Form a square matt
  • All top and bottom colours must match