Mind Trap:20th Anniversary Edition


What's so fragile that when you say its name, you break it?

If you're a fan of MindTrap, you're about to find an even BETTER experience!

The 20th Anniversary Edition of MindTrap includes the best questions from previous MindTrap games with two new categories - Riddles and Mysteries!

Play with teams or compete as individuals. Spin the dial on the board. The arrow will land on one of six spots - Picture Puzzles, Classic Conundrums, Rebus Riddles, MindTrap Mysteries, Your Choice, or ?. The opposing player or team selects a card from that category and reads it aloud.

Answer correctly... You keep the card. Collect ten cards and you'll prove the brainiac genius of the bunch, and have a chance to wring out your brain after all that sweating.

Stretch your mind, revolutionize your thought process, and play to win!

MindTrap 20th Anniversary Edition

  • 384 cards with questions to put brain power to the ultimate test
  • Encourages diverse thinking, logic, problem solving, interaction
  • A truly mind-bending game - revolutionizes the way you think
  • Puzzles, mysteries, brainteasers, conundrums, and trick questions
  • 2 new categories - Riddles and Mysteries
  • Fun spin-dial game play
  • 96 Classic Conundrum cards, 96 MindTrap Mystery cards, 96 Picture Puzzle cards, 96 Rebus Riddles cards
  • Features giant game board with spinner
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Made of sturdy materials