4D Chef with Augmented Reality


Immerse yourself into Professor Maxwell’s 4D Kitchen and discover the science behind food with 18 interactive recipes that come alive in augmented reality!

Why do Apples brown? How does a banana continue to ripen after it’s been picked?

What’s the difference between good fat and bad fat?

There’s a lesson behind every bite, so put on your apron and let’s take these yummy recipes for a spin, with step by step animations in augmented reality!

Approx package dimensions: 43 x 28 x 12 cms.

Contents: 42-page book, AR goggles, measuring cups and spoons, spatula, whick, cutting board, chef hat, knife, skewers, apron, and more!.

Includes 18 delicious recipes with detailed step-by-step instructions that come alive in augmented reality.

Required smartphone (not included).

Ages 6+