PolyM Building Starter Set 128pc


Creative building fun with coloured building blocks! 

Set your imagination and creativity free and create a wide range of interesting structures using this easy-build Poly M building blocks experience set.

The kit includes 128 assorted Poly M bricks to nurture your child's construction skills and creativity. 

Unique rounded edges making them easy for little ones to use (no sharp edges).

 Made from a safe, flexible material.

Machine-washable at 30C.

Made from 100% recyclable material.

Environmentally-friendly production. 

High quality - long-lasting and robust. 

Easy building and deconstruction because all bricks are vacuum-free - small opening in each block. 

No jamming - the bricks glide onto each other easily due to the rounded nubs. 

Creative building and unique construction possibilities - horizontal, vertical, three-dimensional and also circular structures.

PolyM blocks help develop creativity, strengthen children's problem solving capabilities and improve social skills. 

All PolyM sets are compatible with each other.

Made in Germany.  

Suitable for children aged 2 -6 years