Optical Illusions


  • SCIENCE OR MAGIC: You decide. This science kit for young researchers is filled with over a dozen science experiments for kids that are optical illusions. Is what we see reality or an illusion?
  • SEEING IS (NOT ALWAYS) BELIEVING: As we see, our eyes collect information that our brain interprets. These cool science experiments show how sometimes our brain interprets reality in a wrong way.
  • OPTICAL ILLUSIONS: A detailed guide walks you through each experiment clearly explaining the science and illusion behind it. perfectd for any illusionist as they are learning basic magic tricks.
  • LEARNING IS FUN: A few of the scientific illusions budding scientists learn about are light refraction, color, size, retina embedment and distortion and movement. "The Perfect STEAM gift."
  • KIT CONTENTS: This science kit comes equipped with the necessary equipment excluding some common household items, a clear guide with pictures and explanations of the science behind the illusions.