Flexo Inventer Set Brights



Flexo uses a unique rigid construction brick and flexible tendon that allows you to truly flex your imagination and create designs you never thought possible.

100% compatible with LEGO and other major brick brands, it's a whole new universe of possibilities!

To ensure absolute quality and precision, every piece of Flexo is proudly manufactured in New Zealand to exacting world-class standards.

Harness a rare period in childhood development, refining and maturing important fine motor skills.

Great for more complex and abstract concepts such as cognitive reasoning and logic.

Problem solving, spatial awareness, imagination and patience are being developed and supported by toys such as construction bricks.

Contents: 200 bricks, 600 tendons, 2 x Flexo multitools Instructions

Brights colour range:Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green
(Also available in Neutrals colour range)

Ages 6+