Cubeez Game


Put your game face on!
In this wild and wacky game of block stacking and picture matching, players must race to build the correct face first.
Stack up the silly-face challenge cards and flip over the top one to choose the first face. - Quick! - Everyone immediately begins arranging and stacking their blocks to try and recreate the silly expression.
Surprised, sad, happy, angry, or a little bit of everything - Whoever completes the challenge first gets to keep the card as a point.

The first to collect 10 points wins the game!
Spatial reasoning skills get a big boost when children start arranging and matching with the hilariously exciting Cubeez game.

  • Game of quickly rearranging colorful blocks to match silly expressions printed on challenge cards
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning skills, matching skills, problem-solving, critical thinking
  • Approx package dimensions: 13 x 16 x 5 cms
  • Includes 12 colorful cubes plus 50 challenge cards
  • Number of Player: 2-4
  • Playing times: 15 mins
  • Ages 6+