Smart Lab:Gross Art


The Gross Art kit teaches kids how to draw realistic illustrations of all things gross using real art techniques. Gross-lovers everywhere will love drawing stinky fish, slimey snot and grody bathrooms.

Includes full-colour booklet��_��_
Batteries: Not required��_��_
Ages: 7+
*Winner of the 2013 Creative Child Seal of Excellence


  • Chunky glue��_��_
  • Art-gum eraser��_��_
  • Googly eyes��_��_
  • Nose pencil sharpener��_��_
  • Colored pencils��_��_
  • Stickers��_��_
  • Graphite pencils��_��_
  • Stencils��_��_
  • Paper pad��_��_

Information booklet!

Develop drawing skills using easy-to-follow directions and imaginative prompts.