The player's move is to take all stones out of any of their six fields and "scatter" one stone to the next fields (including their home and the other player's fields), counterclockwise. 

With a full circle around the board, the stones avoid the starting field.

If the last stone lands in their home, the player makes the next move.

If not, the other player takes the turn.

If the last stone lands on their own empty field - the player takes all the stones from the adjacent field on the other side of the board and places it with the last stone in their home (capture).

If there are no stones in an adjacent space, nothing is captured.

Likewise, the move does not end with a capture if the last stone lands in an empty opponent's square.

The goal of the game is to collect as many stones as possible in your own home.

The game ends when all fields of one of the players are empty.

In this case, the remaining stones go to the other player's house.

The one who gets the most stones wins.


  • 48 stones
  • wooden board (dimensions: 438x1245 mm)
  • instruction