NG-Dino Dig Kit


This best seller fosters a love of science in children of all ages

BECOME A PALEONTOLOGIST, excavate a T.rex tooth replica, and dino poop fossil and add them to your rock collection!

A HOMESCHOOL FAVORITE, this complete science kit is the perfect stand-alone school project that boys and girls will love

Children of all ages love exploring the world of dinosaurs.

Bring the family together for a night of fossil excavation, dinosaur and science education, puzzles and games.

This Dinosaur Dig Kit includes: An excavation brick containing a carded coprolite specimen  and a T-rex tooth replica.

An adventure guide filled with dinosaur facts and written by teachers.

An activity booklet with 10 exciting puzzles, mazes  and challenges to solve.

Archeological digging tool, brush, and magnifying glass.

This is the perfect family activity, birthday party event or homeschool lesson.

Regardless of age, boys and girls love digging up fossilized treasures and learning about dinosaurs!

When your child has finished excavating their fossils they can dive into the activity booklet for even more fun and enjoyment.

If you're looking for an educational hands-on activity, award-winning quality and incredible value then look no further!

Science doesn't get any cooler than this!

Ages 8+.