Organ Attack!


OrganATTACK, the Family-Friendly Game of Organ Harvesting!

OrganATTACK seamlessly blends medically accurate terminology with immature potty humor, creating a semi-educational and intensely-gut-busting experience.

In the fast and fun game, players use affliction, Immunity and other tactical cards to inflict or repel disease and bodily harm.

Give Gallbladder gallstones, Afflict Thyroid with thyroiditis, Subject Bowels to the wrath of a day-old burrito from a back-alley food cart! The goal is to remove opponents' organs before they remove yours.

The last person with at least one organ remaining is the winner!

Do not attempt to remove opponents' actual organs, only their organ cards.

Game includes: 1 Organ Deck and 1 Attack Deck, Rulebook, Organ Stack sticker and Medical Journal in a  magnetic closure box.

2 - 6 Players,

Ages 10+