Natural Hanging Monkey


  • What about when it is time for show and tell at your child's school. They will be happy to bring their plush monkey to show the class and explain why it is their favorite. You can use the opportunity to teach your child more about monkeys and increase their interest in wildlife and the environment, making it a potential teaching aid as well. What a joy it will be to see your child's eyes light up with excitement.
  • While it is simple to hang plush monkeys from a bookshelf or a bedpost, you may find that your child wants to cuddle with their plush monkey while they sleep. It may even keep them from running into your room as often at night.
  • Yes, all it takes is one trip to the zoo for us to become enamored with cute and cuddly monkeys. A real one may not make a viable pet for a child, but a plush toy is definitely the next best thing. When you see your child walking around with their plush monkeys arms velcroed around their neck like they were the tree branch the monkey decided to hang from, you'll know that you made the right choice in gift.
  • If there's one animal that seems to delight adults and children alike, it is the monkey. Monkeys have a delightful, playful demeanor, and their antics are fun to watch for hours on end. A plush monkey can make a great gift for any child or even a grownup who is fascinated with these creatures. Add an exciting animal to a comfortable material in a variety of beautiful colors, and you have the recipe for the perfect stuffed animal. So what can you do with plush monkeys? Here are some suggestions on how you can create fun times with them.
  • Are you having a children's party? Why not have plush monkeys as party favors. They come in all kinds of assorted natural colors. Children usually have a favorite color, and you will see them flock to the plush monkey that catches their eye. They are easy to hang because they have velcro bands to hold their hands together, so they make for great party decorations. Does your child love monkeys and the jungle? You can have a jungle themed party with plush monkeys of every color spread about. The kids will feel like they are walking in the jungle with the monkeys.