Fubbles Tumbler Minis


Patented No-Spill design allows for all the bubble fun without any of the mess.

Each tumbler is individual shrink wrapped.

Includes 2oz of bubble solution per tumbler, and is easy to refill.

Works with any bubble solution, but we suggest our Fubbles Premium solution for the best bubble experience.

Perfect party favor gift.

Fubbles bubbles are non-toxic and safety tested.

For fun with bubbles, it can only be Fubbles!

Tip it upside down, knock it over..it’s no spill!

Designed to allow kids to have all the fun without any of the mess, and no mess = more smiles.

The Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Tumbler Minis are the perfect addition to any party favour bag, easter basket, picnic, beach day or outdoor activity.

Simply poor the solution into the bottom cup, twist on the top and you are ready to play.

Ages 3+