Bk:God's Awesome Book


Gods Awesome Book DVD Part One and Part Two contain nearly eight hours of seminar teaching, divided into twelve 30-50 minute sessions for home-groups. A printed Study Guide with suggested discussion questions is also included with each part. Heres what others have said who have been to the seminar: • Loved the facts and proofs of how awesome God and His Book are. • Good use of media. Great material. Passionately presented. • Answered quite a few questions Particularly pleased that ‘Bible Codes’ were put firmly in context, i.e. emphasis on the ‘Book’ itself. • Thanks Ian for an informative and interesting seminar. Well done. Great that you acknowledge information sources. Thanks also for doing your own homework. It added a great deal to the seminar. • Thanks again for expanding the size of my God far beyond my mind. • Very enjoyable – learnt heaps! Always believed the Bible as being total Truth but the supporting information learnt will be useful when speaking with non-Christians and their tricky questions! • Absolutely amazing. I am speechless. I sat there with my mouth open all day. Incredible stuff. I have had my socks blown off just like you said. Part One (2-DVD set) covers the first three modules: • The Bible as History • Is the Text Reliable? • Those Boring Genealogies