Monkey Mayhem


It's night time at the zoo.

All the visitors have come and gone and the zookeepers have headed home.

Amongst the packing crates scattered around their enclosure, the monkeys gather for their regular competition!

Each Sunday night, the monkeys race to push the crates together to build a tall tower.

Choose your monkey and by matching food tokens to the colors on the packing crates, climb to the top first.

Watch out for the other monkeys who may try and scare you away or block your moves.

Make the most of each monkeys special abilities to help you climb higher.

The first one to clamber high enough to leap into a nearby tree, spends a night on the town!

The others stay behind to cover the escapee's tracks and await the monkey's return, planning to be the fastest one next time they compete.

Plan your moves carefully and you'll be the one creating mayhem!