EUGY2 Spino


Spinosaurus currently takes the lead as the largest carnivorous dinosaur - even bigger than the T-Rex and Giganotosaurus!

However, due to incomplete fossils, we are unable to know exactly how big they were.

Also, recent scientific research has discovered the Spino actually lived mostly underwater - the first ever swimming dinosaur!

What will we find out about the Spinosaurus next?

At dodoland, we love bringing prehistoric creatures to life with EUGYs because we can use a bit of our imagination for areas that are yet to be discovered - like their skin colour!

We are always fascinated by the latest scientific findings of dinosaurs.

Eugy miniatures are cute cardboard creatures beloved by boys, girls and parents alike!

Designed in New Zealand and made from eco-friendly recycled cardboard and rice-based inks.

Eugys are easy to assemble and fun to build.

Put them together using the included instructions and nontoxic glue, and collect the whole series of dinosaurs and animals.

Ages 6+.