DVD:Search for Noahs Ark


Search for NOAHs ARK: The Lost Mountains of Noah Ever since embarking on his first expedition to Mt. Ararat, Bob Cornuke, a biblical investigator and real life Indiana Jones, has had a passion shared by only a select group of explorers. In Search for Noahs Ark, follow Cornuke as he brings this adventure to life and tries to be the one to make the greatest archeological discovery in human history finding the remains of Noahs ark. His relentless search for the ark is captured on this DVD, and includes threatening misadventures and narrowly escaping political unrest that will leave viewers breathless. As part of the Bible Explorer Series, this family documentary travels with Cornuke on one of his exciting adventures that uses the Bible as a road map for uncovering its ancient mysteries. Be amazed as this series helps support Gods Word with modern archaeological evidence.