Astronomical Year Book 2020/19


2019 and 2020 for the price of 1(NB These copies are minus the front covers!!!)

The astronomy almanac showing what’s happening in New Zealand skies for 2020 plus current highlights in astronomy.


This is a must-have astronomy almanac for what’s happening in the New Zealand skies for 2020, plus current highlights in astronomy. Full of spectacular images from New Zealand astrophotographers.


Information for beginners as well as veterans: Einstein Tested Again – Is he ever wrong?

Learn about the incredible feat achieved over the past few years when we finally managed to image a black hole.

Colour of the Stars – Award-winning astrophotographer Rolf Olsen shares his stellar insights into taking the perfect picture.

Saturn’s Family Grows – Gas giant Saturn with its massive entourage takes the crown from Jupiter as our Solar System’s king of moons.

Sky guides and star charts for the year.

Monthly guide to celestial events.

Contact information for NZ Astronomical Societies.

The Yearbook also explores cosmology ‘tension’ (where our current theories about physics are being highly contested with differing results about the Universe!), puts the spotlight on Stardome’s recently upgraded Edith Winstone Blackwell Zeiss telescope, and tells the story of the recent discovery of hidden asteroid scars buried deep under sheets of ice in Greenland – and that’s only naming a few of the topics covered.

The edition also features the Memorable Moments section, showcasing some of the incredible images of the cosmos taken by international organisations and spacecraft over the past year, and, as usual, there is the popular monthly star charts, a guide on how to use them and an astronomy gallery showcasing the New Zealand astrophotographer’s talent of capturing the beauty of our southern skies.


Published by Stardome Observatory.