The Ugly Kiwi


Whoever heard of a bird that can't fly?

And what about one who grunts like a pig!

Kiwi must surely be the dullest, dumpiest bird there is.

'Real' birds with colourful feathers and beautiful songs look down on poor little Kiwi from their lofty tree-top perches.

But when danger comes silently slinking they won't be laughing about Kiwi behind their wings any more.

Kiwi shows them just what he's really made of.

So what is Kiwi's big secret? And will he be able to save the day?

Scott Tulloch's updated version of the traditional Ugly Duckling story gives an ugly bird his handsome due with eye-catching illustrations and an irresistible rhyme, served up with a real Kiwi flavour.