Skywatcher, Finderscope, Right Angle Correct Image, 9 X 50


Upright image with completely corrected left/right image orientation. 

Sky-Watcher's 9x50 Right-Angled Erecting Finderscope provides an upright image with completely corrected left/right image orientation for more comfortable and convenient operation when compared to a traditional straight-through viewing finder. 

The achromatic 50mm objective delivers good light gathering, a wide 45° field of view and a cross-hair reticule for easy navigation.
The 50mm aperture is genuine, it is not stopped down like some cheaper finderscopes.

Easy to setup and easy to use.

The mounting bracket fits into standard finder shoes from Vixen, Sky-Watcher, Celestron, GSO, etc.( Additional finder shoes are available separately.)

To focus the finderscope simply unscrew the lock-ring, rotate the objective, then re-close the lock-ring.

9x50 right-angle erect-image finder with achromatic lens and cross-hair reticule.

Finder bracket with two thumbscrews and countering spring for easy operation.

Aperture: 50mm.

Magnification: 9x.

Apparent field of view: 45°.

True field of view: 5.6°