Bk:Evidence for Creation


Popular sciene teacher Tom DeRosa presents evidence from astronomy, geology, and history to show why Darwin's theory is at odds not just with Genisis, but with the facts of science itself.
Discover Why:
The fossil record shows no evidence of evolution.
Physical laws support creation, not evolution.
The "irreducible complexity" of the simple cell rules out the evolution theory.
Grim social consequences follow when plitical leaders embrace evolution.

The facts, as DeRosa demonstrates, show evolution to be an idea in desarray. So be prepared for challenging, intelligent answers.
Tom DeRosa is president of the Creation Studies Institute. A chemistry and physics instructor for over 25 years, DeRosa holds a Masters degree in Education.
The missions of the Creation Studies Institute is to communicate the truths of creation. It offers opportunities for hands-on experiences, such as Fossil Floats, Dinosaur Digs, Creation Expositions, and Science Workshops.