Ugears: Pneumatic Engine


The UGEARS Pneumatic Engine may be small, but is definitely mighty, giving a sneak peak inside a functioning steam engine.

The model Pneumatic Engine comes to life by either having the user blow into a special socket, or by using an ordinary air balloon.

All the parts move as if they were inside a real steam engine, the amazing thing is - it's built entirely out of plywood!

The Pneumatic Engine comes with it's own, built in air pressure tachometer, and two small compartments for storing 'spare parts'.

* Self-assembled, no glue needed

* Model size: 6.4*3*3.9in (162*78*100mm)
* Package size: 14.6*5.5*1.2in (37*14*3cm)
* Parts count: 81
* Estimated time of assembly: 2-3 hours