Ugears: Butterfly


Fascinated by the unique synergy of nature and mechanics, Ugears continues to explore the amazing world of automatons and presents its latest mechanical pet, the Butterfly model.

The Butterfly is not a static stand model, but an animated kinetic sculpture.

Each of its details designed to make sure it fits its own place and plays its own part in the workings of this outstanding mechanism.

Equipped with a rubber-band motor, the mechanical automaton moves imitating the flutter of a butterfly with no external power source or batteries.

As with every model in the Ugears family, The Butterfly requires no glue or additional tools to assemble.

You will build your new model out of ready-made details that come precisely pre-cut in high quality natural plywood boards.

Slightly pushed, the details easily pop out of the board.

The assembly is constructed by blocks: initially, the details must be put together to form smaller blocks that in their turn will compose the whole model.

The process of assembly is described in a comprehensive step-by-step instruction manual with detailed colour illustrations.

The set includes 168 pieces.

The delicate wings of The Butterfly are made of craft paper.

The lower wings change their tilt angle when the model is working to ensure that the movements of the automaton resemble those of a real butterfly.

The Butterfly sits on a flower-shaped platform.

The elastic support slightly bounces the model, making its movements more realistic so that The Butterfly dances and flutters in the air approaching the flower.

Ugears strives to share its knowledge and passion for smart mechanisms with children and adults, kids and parents.

We want the complex and beautiful world of mechanics to become closer and more comprehensive.

This is why the body of The Butterfly is designed in a skeleton-style, which allows you to see the working of gears and blocks inside and understand how the mechanism works.

*Model Size: 29x55x40 cm
*Package size: 37x17x3 cm
*Estimated time of assembly: 2 hours
*Level: Medium.

Ages 14+