Zerobag 2.0


What are Zerobag's made out of?

The original Zerobag is made out of upcycled parachutes.

Zerobag 2.0 are constructed with certified 100% rPET fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

What's rPET?

rPET (recycled polyethylene terephtalate) comes from plastic that has already been used for packaging, such as the plastic bottles, this plastic is sorted, cleaned and transformed in to a recycled polyester fabric.

How much can they hold?

Basically your arm strength will determine this! They hold approximately 16.5L volume. We had them load tested and they ran out space in the bag at 46.9 KGs. They're even stronger than we thought.


How are they so strong?

Extremely high quality construction with military grade high strength polyester thread on all seams and no bottom seam for added strength.

Any other cool features?

Heaps! They've been designed in NZ with the shopper in mind.

The handle length has been designed to fit and hang effectively on checkout bag racks for high efficiency.

There's no extra pouches or domes. The clever little bag folds into itself and is the size of a mobile phone. Perfect for throwing in to a pocket.

Who do you support?

A portion of every bag sale will be donated to Sustainable Coastlines in an effort to help protect our environment from plastic pollution.

Where are the bags made?

The bags are designed in NZ. The original Zerobag's are produced in NZ and the Zerobag 2.0's in China. We work closely with our trusted suppliers so you can be assured of the quality on all production batches.

Available in 5 Colours

Purple Rain, Red Red Wine, Green Day, Electric Blue and Midnight Oil.