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    High School Microscopes

    Whether it’s a microscope for your child or your class at school, we have great high school microscopes to connect your children with the natural world. Explore our range of entry-level and more sophisticated microscopes with the accompanying slides and cover slips.

    6 products
    Microscope Slide Covers/100
    National Geographic Stereo Microscope, 20x Magnification
    Field Microscope
    Magnoidz Microscope/Telescope
    Celestron, Microscope, S-10-60 Stereo
    Celestron, Microscope, CM400 Compound

    There are many benefits of introducing your children to a microscope:

    • Microscopes can enhance your child’s curiosity, allowing them to interact with the world around them. It also teaches them how scientists and professionals make sense of the environment.
    • This activity may encourage your children to spend more time outdoors, collecting samples to view on their microscope. Your child can find almost anything to examine with our fifty-pack of blank slides and cover slips.
    • When kids use microscopes, it also improves their patience in willingness to adjust the knobs until they get the clearest display. With some of our microscopes going to 1000x, this will keep them busy for a long time.

    Types of Microscopes in NZ

    At Nature Discoveries, we have many types of microscopes, depending on what you’re looking for. We also stock accessory kits which include slides, cover slips and tweezers. Below is some more information about some of our product options:

    • Entry-level microscopes: We have a range of basic microscope options, like our popular MicroBrite Plus 60-120x. These have powerful lenses and are lightweight and portable. This is a good option if you want an affordable microscope for your kids.
    • Advanced microscopes: We also have many more advanced options, with lens options of 400 to 1000x. These are perfect options for schools, such as our popular Celestron 44121 Microscope Kit, which includes prepared and blank slides, an eyedropper, tweezers and a needle probe.
    • Phone microscopes: Another fun option is our phone microscopes. These lenses can attach to any smartphone and have 30x magnification, allowing you to take stunning and detailed photographs.
    • Slides and cover slips: Any avid scientist knows you can never have enough slides and cover slips when using your microscope long enough. We stock packs of slides and cover slips but also provide accessory kits with everything you need. If you’re interested in prepared slides, we also have great packs with grasshopper legs, fungi, other insects, and many more fun things to explore.

    Why Nature Discoveries?

    We have been inspiring children (and adults) to interact with nature since 1996 when our store opened. Our main aim is to excite the adventure and intrigue in children to explore their surroundings. To that end, we trust you’ll find our product range educational, fascinating and a bridge to the natural world around you.

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