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    Metal Detectors NZ

    Everybody loves buried treasure, even if pirates aren't your thing and you've never read Treasure Island. Metal detectors are essential to find metallic objects hidden from view. They can provide hours of fun for the kids or even profit for the serious hunter – although the chances of uncovering a Roman hoard or a Viking trove with metal are slim detectors in NZ.

    30 products
    Folding Shovel and Pick 4in1
    Sand Scoop, Plastic with Holes
    Metal Detector, Pinpointer, Profind35, Minelab
    Gold Pan, 15", Pro Gold Dual Riffle Pan
    Minelab, Gold Pan, 15" & 10" Pro Gold Kit
    Metal Detector, Gofind 22
    Metal Detector, Pinpointer Delux, GC2007
    Metal Detector, Vanquish 540 Pro, Minelab
    Metal Detector Carry Bag
    Metal Detecter, Vanquish 340, Minelab
    Metal Detector, Quick Shooter, Numeric Target, GC1032
    Metal Detector, Profind 15, Minelab
    Metal Detecter, Vanquish 440, Minelab
    Metal Detector, Underwater, GC3080
    Metal Detector, Gofind 66
    Metal Detector, Gofind 44
    Gold Pan, 10", Pro Gold Single Riffle Pan
    Manticore High Power Metal Detector
    Battery, Minelab 6V Gel Cell Battery Charger, 12V Car Charger
    Metal Detector, w/LCD Display, GC1020
    Metal Detector, Professional, GC1018
    Metal Detector, Minelab Accessory, Ferrite for GPZ7000
    Metal Detector, Minelab, Coil, 18"
    Pinpointer, Profind 40. Minelab
    Bresser Junior, Metal Detector
    Metal Detector, Equinox 700
    Metal Detector, GC1073
    Metal Detector, GC1033
    Digging Shovel
    Metal Detector, GC1023

    Which Metal Detector is Right For Me?

    The prices of metal detectors in NZ range from less than a hundred dollars to over ten thousand dollars, so it’s important to choose the correct metal detector for its intended purpose. The price essentially indicates the metal detector's sensitivity and, consequently, the size and depth of metals it can find.

    • A metal detector for the kids is a great way to teach them about science and create a fun-filled, one-on-one event or party game. Metal detecting also teaches skills such as patience and following a systematic approach.
    • If you plan on detecting at the beach, a waterproof coil is essential for detecting rings and other jewellery in the shallow surf. It can then also be used for prospecting in streams and ponds.
    • Any good metal detector is suitable for gold because gold conducts electricity and will trigger the detector promptly. The guiding principle is that its frequency should be tuneable (to 14KHz for gold) with great sensitivity.

    Nature Discoveries has many different metal detectors available, ranging from an easy-to-use kid’s metal detector to sophisticated machines capable of differentiation and data gathering, all perfect for looking for elusive treasures in the ground. We also encourage you to discuss any specific requirements with our staff before ordering to recommend the ideal model.

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