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    Telescopes for Beginners

    Once you’ve looked up on a clear, starry night in the countryside and witnessed the Milky Way without the disturbance from the artificial light of the city, you will be mesmerised by the beauty and in awe of the size of the universe. Practice your new hobby at home with a telescope for beginners and move up to bigger lenses and more complicated settings once you’ve mastered the basics of telescope viewing. We have a telescope for beginners and advanced stargazers for the best view.
    42 products
    Telescope, 70mm, 2.7in, Refractor, Starsense, Celestron
    Skywatcher, 120AZ, Telescope
    Celestron, 127mm, StarSense Explorer LT 127AZ
    Celestron, 60mm, 2.3", Refractor AZ, Manual Powerseeker
    Konus, 50mm, F600, Telescope
    Telescope Carry Bag
    Meade, 102mm, 4", Refractor, AZ, Manual, Infinity Telescope
    Meade, 70mm, 2.7", Refractor, AZ, Manual, Infinity Telescope
    KonusNova, 70mm, Refractor w/Smartphone Adapter
    Meade, 60mm, 2.3", Refractor, AZ, Manual, Infinity Telescope
    Skywatcher, 150mm, 6", Newtonian, Dobsonian, Virtuoso GTI
    Telescope, StarSense Explorer DX 102,Celestron
    Celestron, Astromaster, 70AZ Telescope W/ Phone Adapter & Moon Filter
    Celestron, 8" Dobsonian Starsense
    Skywatcher, 102mm, 4", Refractor, GoTo Telescope
    Skywatcher, 114/450, Go2 Telescope
    Skywatcher, 130mm, 5", Newtonian, Dobsonian, GTI Virtuoso I
    Skywatcher, Solar,Scope, 70/500 on Heliofind Mount
    Skywatcher, 62/400, Refractor, ED Doublet, Dual Focus Telescope
    Skywatcher, 150mm, 6", Newtonian, Dobsonian, Manual Telescope
    Skywatcher 150mm, 6", Newtonian, Dobsonian,(Collapsible) Manual
    Telescope, 135mm, Starsense Explorer DX 5" SCT
    Leapfrog: Magic Adventures Telescope
    Bresser Junior Space Explorer Telescope, 45/600 AZ - Green
    National Geographic Reflector Telescope, 70mm, 400fl,AR app, w backpack
    National Geographic Reflector Telescope, 70mm, 900fl,MPM
    National Geographic Reflector Telescope, 76mm, 700fl,EQ Mount
    Konus, 60mm, Start 900B Telescope
    Konus, 60mm, Start 700B Telescope
    Konus, 60mm, Space 6, 800, Telescope
    KonusMotor, 130mm, Telescope
    Konus Nova, 114mm,Telescope
    Meade, 127mm, 5", Maksutov-Cassegrain, AZ, Go-To, ETX Observer, Telescope
    Skywatcher, 114/900, EQ1, Telescope
    Skywatcher, 90mm, Refractor, AZ3 Telescope
    Celestron, StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ
    Skywatcher, 150mm, 6", Newtonian, EQ3, Manual Telescope
    Celestron, 8" CPC Telescope
    Celestron, 5", NexStar5SE, SCT Telescope
    Celestron, NexStar6SE, 6", SCT Telescope

    Our Recommendations

    Have you recently developed an interest in astrology and outer space? Here are three of the best telescopes we would recommend for beginner star gazers:

    • Meade 60mm Infinity. This telescope is a refracting telescope to view the night sky or objects on land. It comes with three eyepieces and a 2x Barlow lens.
    • Sky-Watcher 70/700 AZ2 Refractor Telescope. A step up from the Meade, this refractor will give you a clearer, brighter image the right side up, with a 6x24 finder scope and a 1.25-inch, 90° Star Diagonal.
    • Celestron telescope, with StarSense technology. Take your hobby a step further by connecting the telescope to your smartphone to get a real-time view of the stars and their position. You can then use the StarSense Explorer software via your phone to find a specific star, and it will guide you to find it on the telescope.

    What Else You Can Expect

    We are all about discoveries for kids and adults to learn more about nature and the amazing planet we call home. Besides gazing into outer space, you can explore closer to home with brainbox kits and science experiments to gain a better understanding of how gravity, physics and magnetics work in real life.

    You can learn and play together as a family with educational board games so you can all have fun playing together while educating your kids on trading, the economy, art and puzzles, among others.

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