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    Kids’ Puzzles

    At Nature Discoveries, we know how important it is to keep your children physically and mentally active. With one of the widest selections of kids’ puzzles on offer, we are confident that you will find something for your little ones. You can challenge your children and promote creative problem-solving with our supply of various puzzle mediums. We can help your kids develop their cognitive abilities by encouraging lifelong learning. 

    114 products
    Magic Snake (Clamshell)
    ThinkFun-Rush Hour
    Crystal Puzzle:Clear Skull
    IQ Digits
    Matchbox Puzzle
    Geobender Cube: World
    Snake Cube Puzzle
    OrBo Puzzle Ball
    Metal Earth:Star Trek-USS
    Museum Collection: 1000pc Puzzle, Chambre Aries, van Gogh
    Crystal Puzzle: Red Apple
    EUGY2 Echidna
    Geobender Cube: Primary 2
    Geomag E-Motion- Build your own Spinner
    Spectrum 512 SPEKS
    WWF 100 pc Puzzle: Tiger Cub
    WWF 100 pc Puzzle: Lion Cubs
    WWF 100 pc Puzzle: Elephant
    25cm(10")Magnetic Solitaire
    Kiwiana-3D Puzzle
    Ghost Hunters
    Shooting Stars
    Animal World Pop Out:Horses
    eeBoo: 1000pce Puzzle, Coral Reef Sq
    Camouflage Booster
    eeBoo: 1000pce Puzzle, Dogs in the Park
    eeBoo: 1000pce Puzzle, London Life
    eeBoo: 1000pce Puzzle, Mother Earth
    eeBoo: 1000pce Puzzle, New York Life
    Crystal Puzzle:T-Rex Brown
    Metal Earth:Acrylic Cube 4"x5"'x4"
    New Zealand Puzzle
    Crystal Puzzle:Sun
    eeBoo: 1000pce Puzzle, Songbird's Tree
    eeBoo: 1000pce Puzzle, Seagull Garden Rtg
    Metal Earth:Brandenburg Gate
    eeBoo: 500pce Puzzle, Birds & Flowers

    In addition to our broad range of family-friendly games, we also provide:

    • 3D puzzles to NZ. Three-dimensional puzzles are meant to increase your child’s spatial awareness proficiency, where the puzzle requires you to use shapes and angles to assemble it successfully.
    • Magnetic 3D puzzles. Playing with magnetised puzzles can significantly improve your child’s motor skills, which requires finger and hand strength to pull pieces apart or reassemble the puzzles. The magnets allow for easy assembly and keep all the puzzle pieces together so that nothing is lost in the couch or backyard.
    • Jigsaw puzzles to NZ. These puzzles represent some of the oldest versions of games and have been entertaining families for generations. Jigsaws improve logical reasoning capabilities, where you have to match the shapes of the pieces and the images on each piece.

    The Benefits of Having Your Kids Play With Puzzles

    Promoting a healthy and active mind with educational games is fundamental in the early years of your child's cognitive development. A puzzle allows your child to simultaneously learn how to solve complex problems and enjoy the process. By encouraging your young ones to improve their cognitive skills with our educational products, you can foster a curious mind for the later stages of life.

    Be sure that Nature Discoveries is your first choice for one of the largest varieties of games, puzzles, and toys.

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