Rewarding Star Chart


Metal Board with magnetic tasks and magnetic stars to mark progress.

A white board marker helps to personalise the star chart.

These Star Charts have proven to be extremely popular!

With the ability to cater for up to 3 children on one board, pre-written tasks (on magnets) and space for your own, these are a must have for every household with children.

A spot at the bottom to record the reward your child is working towards is a great reminder for them too.

Approx board dimensions: 40 x 32 cm.

Approx package dimensions: 40 x 32 x 2 cm.

Comes with whiteboard marker, 3 sheets of magnetic stars (80 of each colour) and 10 pre written task magnets (which you can choose to use or not).

Excellent way to encourage good behaviour.

Ages 3+