Skyrail Suspension Basic


With Skyrail Suspension you can build fantastic marble suspension tracks up to 16 feet long.

Create your own configuration and use marbles of different dimensions and materials to allow

you to make interesting observations, experiments and discoveries.

This Skyrail Suspension track is a fantastic way for your child to learn the basics of science.

They can see physics in action with a hands-on, fun environment.

They won’t even know that they’re learning something!

Your child can build their suspension system however they want and then run marbles of all sizes through.

They’ll be expanding their scientific as well as their creative mind, all with one toy and a lot of fun.

EncourAges reasoning, stimulate creativity and hone physical skills.

packages contains (1) Quercetti Basic Skyrail Suspension Playset. Includes 16 feet of track, 132 pieces, and endless configurations.

Ages 7+