Minelab, Gold Pan, 15" & 10" Pro Gold Kit


This kit has everything a beginner needs to get started and the individual pans provide the experienced user with several gold panning advantages. The PRO-GOLD pans have multiple panning zones for maximum gold recovery and come in high contrast blue for optimum gold visibility!

The Main features of the kit are:

  • Two premium pans & classifier��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��___(everything you need)
  • Dual riffle gold capture��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��___(coarse & fine ��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��___ traps all the gold)
  • High contrast blue��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��___(see the yellow gold easier than any other panning kit)
  • Compact nested design��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��___(easy to carry & transport)
  • Carry bag & accessories��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��___(magnet, magnifier, & more��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��____)