Whipping Top


"Cayro Collection" is a special, selected collection of games.

They are the result of a careful reproduction process of the original games from the 1920s.

They thus become unique collectors' pieces, not only because of their high quality, but also because of the limited number that has been put on sale.

This spinning top is unlike any other because of its shape, known as the "bed-leg".

There are two ways to make it move.

Both are united by the main rule - the string must be wrapped around the narrow part.

A spinning top on a string can be the subject of several games.

Below is the most famous one:

To start the game, draw a circle on the ground with a diameter of about 1 m and determine the order of the players.

The first player sets his spinning top in motion in the center of the circle.

Successive players do the same, keeping in mind that the goal is to push the opponent's spinning top outside the circle.

Once everyone has a spinning top in the circle, the first player quickly spins his spinning top into motion, trying to push the other player out of the circle.

Successive players do the same.

When either player's spinning top is outside the circle, it is out of play.

Ages 8+