Sealife Asst


As at 13.1.21

From left clockwise

Walrus Baby Red 10, Tiger Shark 1 Hammerhead Shark 0,

Humpback Whale 3, Sperm Whale 0, Dolphin 0, Eagle Ray 0,

Turtle 0, Manatee Baby 0, Octopus 0, Sea Star 0,

Sea Lion 0, Walrus Baby Brown 1, Moray Eel 3.

These small toys are great for taking on trips, for dioramas and school projects, or sand tray therapy and other play therapy exercises.

Enough sea creatures to populate a miniature ocean or sink, or bathtub...just make sure they don't slip down the drain!

12 unique figure designs including penguins, tiger sharks, sea lions, starfish, humpback whales, dolphins, eagle rays, hammerhead sharks, sperm whales, sea turtles, octopi, and moray eels.

Size: Aprox 4cm.

Each sold separately.

Age 3+